Why spend your time and energy working on your lawn?
Or entrust its care to some amateur with a mower?
Let our professionals provide the expert care it needs
— at very competitive rates!

Landscaping for the end of summer and preparation for Fall leaf clean up.

Dear Homeowner,

Your lawn is one of the first things your visitors see. It’s a valuable part of your home. So it’s important to keep it attractive and healthy. And to correctly and promptly handle any of the various lawn care problems that are likely to occur .   

Taking care of your own lawn can be very time-consuming, and hard manual labor is not for everyone. You also need to have “lawn care smarts”—knowing exactly what to do…when to do it…how to do it the best way…what supplies to use…what not to do…how to prevent and correct each type of problem…and so on.

That’s why it makes sense to have your lawn cared for—expertly—by Perry’s Home Services Inc..

Our carefully trained, highly experienced lawn care professionals have been providing expert care to lawns throughout the entire Suffolk county area for the past twenty years. They’re far more than just “guys with lawn mowers”!

When you invite us over for a free, no-obligation estimate, we start with a detailed inspection and analysis of your lawn—in regard to its size, the types of grass and soil, thatch and turf density, shade and sun exposure, any lawn disease, moles, pet damage, seeding, mowing, etc. Then we explain what should be done, how often, and the cost. No guesses. No surprises.

To schedule a visit, please phone us at (631) 905-5403 any day .

The sooner you call us, the sooner you can have the best-looking lawn on your block!